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This has been another exciting year for Allfit Enterprises, LLC.  When “Bounce Back” The Fitness Chair first became an idea, we felt that it could have a tremendous affect upon the lives of a few individuals.  As we now receive letters and phone calls from individuals all over this country and many parts of the world we understand  fully what this simple principle is doing and will continue to do in the lives of people we know and to countless people we have yet to meet.

We deal with many professional people who are recommending the chair to individuals as part of their rehabilitation.  A chiropractor in Florida uses the chair for spinal therapy, a Doctor in Texas states that she recommends daily use of the chair by people with osteoporosis to help stretch & exercise which improves circulation of the calcium they are taking.  We hear from a quadriplegic in California that in using the chair; he has experienced increased strength, easier regularity and better circulation.  Though we make no medical claims, if ‘Bounce Back’ The Fitness Chair makes someone live better - we are thrilled and are privileged to be a small part of that improvement.

One of our representative has a wife with rheumatoid arthritis.  Her pain is so severe she has been confined to a wheel chair.  With just three sessions in “Bounce Back” The Fitness Chair she has been able to stand for brief periods of time, something she has not been able to do for a long time.  Many people report that the fitness chair stimulates circulation, exercises muscles and joints with no impact and they feel it allows them to completely control the intensity of the workout.  It is the exercise that makes the difference; it is “Bounce Back” The Fitness Chair that facilitates the exercise.

We are very excited about what our chair is doing for people.  But you, our Sales Representative, are the life blood of our Company; we salute your efforts and your vision.  If you are not using your chair on a daily basis, please do so!  You will benefit greatly from it and the results you experience will make you bullet proof.

If you are not telling those around you, who need the benefits of the chair, you are hiding these benefits from them.  So with the coming year approaching, we encourage you to become more active in bringing the chair into more lives.

We wish all of you and yours the best of health and happiness.

God Bless

Springs - All chairs are now shipped with the springs that are tested for an individual that weighs from 100 pounds to 250 pounds.  We also have a heavy spring for individuals from 200 to 350 pounds and extra heavy springs for individuals from 300 to 450 lbs.  The heavy and extra heavy springs are special orders and have an additional cost; please allow at least 4 weeks for delivery.  Please call for the price on the heavy and extra heavy springs. 

Adjustable Hard Seat - There has been some concern about the pressure on the hips.  To alleviate this problem there is now a seat that has a platform sewn into the seat for greater comfort.   The additional cost of the hard seat is $25 (additional cost at time of original Chair purchase).  For replacement of the entire seat at a later time the cost is $109; with hard seat & springs the cost is $169.

Safety Belt - There is an adjustable seat belt that is easily attached to the chair for anyone who needs that extra support.  The additional cost of the safety belt is $10.

We want to remind you regarding spring safety.  Please make sure you inform all users of the chair of these safety procedures.  The spring covers serve many safety purposes:
  1.  The spring covers prevent someone from holding onto the bare springs and possibly pinching their skin.
  2.  If a spring should break, the covers contain the pieces and prevent them from launching themselves across the room.
  3.  Also, if a spring should break, the covers are tied (and end secured with elastic bands provided) to the frame and to the seat and therefore safely keep the person in the seat.

This last item is the most important.  We secure the covers to the seat strap.  We depend upon you, the customer, to make sure you secure the covers to the frame.  We have seen some chairs in use where the ties are loose or tied with a simple bow tie.  The ends must be tied with triple knot and ends secured with elastic bands that are provided.  Below are some rules and guidelines for safely securing the spring covers.

  1.  DO NOT USE the chair unless all 4 springs are hooked and the spring covers are secured, at the top and bottom.  TIE THE SPRING COVERS WITH A TRIPLE KNOT OR BETTER.  Do not use a bow tie. And secure ends with elastic bands.
  2.  DO NOT TIE SPRING COVERS IN THE SAME HOLE as the spring is hooked into.  The spring hook will chafe the tie and weaken it.
  3.  DO NOT REMOVE spring cover ties.  All 4 spring covers must be securely tied to ensure that you will remain safely seated in the event that a spring should stretch or break.
  4.  AVOID EXCESSIVE BOUNCING.  At the top of each bounce, your body should stay in contact with the chair seat. If you are bouncing out of the seat, you are bouncing too high (yes, I know it is fun).  This type of bouncing may put too much stress on your body and on the springs.  Review the DVD/video for correct bouncing technique.
 5.  CHECK SPRING COVERS EVERY WEEK.  Check spring covers and straps for wear or damage.  Check the strings on the spring covers for wear.  Check the ties for tightness.  A triple knot and bands seems to work best.

Every effort has been taken to ensure that the components of Bounce Back The Fitness Chair are made to the highest quality standards.  And, just like the tires on your car, the springs will eventually wear out.  How long they will last is impossible to predict with complete accuracy,  because spring life depends upon how fast you bounce, how deep you bounce, how much you weigh and other factors.  Replace springs when necessary, probably every 4-5 years.

Because of the numerous input of new exercises from professionals and users of the chair which is helping with various health problems, we have created a new exercise booklet that includes all new exercises with illustrations demonstrating how they are to be performed as well as an outline of a complete health program, of exercise, diet and mental well being.  To our present owners of Bounce Back The Fitness Chair we are offering the booklet at cost of $6 plus s/h, or simply download a copy from your internet  http://http://www.allfit.com/excerbook1..html and print a copy for your use.   Just call Doug at (888) 272-2225 and a copy will be shipped out for your enjoyment.

This article came across my desk and I thought that you might find it interesting.  In today’s busy society anger is part of it.  Everyday we see evidence of it with the people we meet and do business with.  Anger is something we need to understand and control.  The Bounce Back fitness chair is tremendous in releasing anger.  Just sit in the chair with a very gentle bounce; close your eyes and drop your hands to your side and spend just a few minutes with your anger.  You will feel a lot of release and joy will come into your body.

  Anger has a bad reputation.  It is thought of as wrong, unloving, uncaring, hurtful, and destructive.  In fact, most of those adjectives don’t apply at all, and the rest don’t have to.
  As a powerful force for either good or ill, anger might be compared to water.  Like water, anger exists nearly everywhere, and like water, anger is an essential element of human life--of caring and loving.  If water or anger are stored up or blocked, they can be destructive.  Allow them to flow, and they can be healing.  Water commands respect; so should anger.
  Anger is a powerful feeling and, like a fever, it means something very important is going on with you.  That’s because you decide, perhaps at some primitive and preconscious level, what angers you and what does not.  (Thus, everyone does not get angry at the same things or with the same intensity.)
  Most importantly, anger is an essential part of caring.  Anything that you care about can make you angry.  If there were a coin called “caring”, one side would be your warm and loving feelings, the other all of the anger you feel when you are disappointed.  The larger the coin (the more you care) the greater your joy when things go well, and the greater your anger when they do not.  The only way to avoid anger is not to care about anything, anyone, or any ideal.
  So, if you are a caring person, you will experience anger.  It’s proof that you care about something.  But, if anger is proof of caring, how did it get such a bad rap?  The answer lies not in anger itself, but in our natural reaction to the emotion.  Anger never occurs alone; it is always paired with fear.  So, if something you care about is threatened, you are afraid you might lose it and you may strike out in fear to defend yourself.  This is called aggression, and it disregards the rights of others in favor of your own.  Consciously intended or not, it is a selfish act that hurts others, directly or indirectly.
  Yet, it is important to understand that aggression, too, is a natural thing.  (We don’t think of aggression in the animal or plant world as “wrong”.)  Seeing aggression as a natural response to the anger and fear produced when we are threatened is a big step on the road to controlling it.  But if we don’t deliberately do something else when we are angry and afraid, we will probably default to aggressive behavior.
  Of course, “doing something else” when we are threatened is not easy and is against our natural instincts.  For starters, our bodies are programmed to become aggressive when we are startled or threatened.  This “fight or flight” physiological response makes us ready to engage in a physical attack or run from it.  It simultaneously turns off our ability to listen calmly and solve problems.
  Many people deny fear, anger, and the physical manifestations of stress reaction because they recognize that these are not examples of strength.  Denying these emotions, however, usually makes things worse.  Remember that, like water behind a dam, storing up anger, fear, and tension may only make the aggressive reaction more likely to occur with more devastating force.
  Because aggression is natural, it is easy to allow ourselves to default to aggressive behavior, and it is much more difficult to control our aggressive impulses when angry or fearful.  True heroism, however, means controlling the “fight or flight” response while defending our rights and working diligently for the things and people we care about.  Such people are “assertive” without being aggressive--they strive to meet the needs of their adversaries while working to meet their own needs.
  This balanced approach is no less powerful in its defense of the assertive person’s rights and needs, yet it defers from aggression in that the assertive person is just as dedicated to making sure all involved in a conflict get a fair shake.  The benefits?  Problems stay solved, while trust, mutual respect, lasting and useful relationships, enhanced cooperation, and expanding mutual benefits thrive.
  Acting assertively in situations of conflict demands that you develop the ability to remain calm and maintain control over your own “fight or flight” urges while responding to those of your adversary.  Unless you hold a strong personal commitment to assertive behavior, changes are great that you will “naturally” default to aggressive.  When that happens, no mater who “wins,” everyone loses.
   -Paul Courteau, PhD

This is just a reminder, all orders are to be placed with Doug.  All sales are handled through Doug of Allfit Enterprises LLC.  Please use the following address, telephone numbers or Email when you order.
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(888) 272-2225   (801) 376-1043   Email: doug@allfit.com

When placing an order, keep in mind that we accept all major credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.  If an order is placed by phone or email and your credit card is used, please allow the normal 3 to 4 week shipping time. When payment is made with a check the time is extended to verify funds.

We appreciate hearing from you, and your successes, physically, emotionally and mentally.  As we receive letters from you, we receive a greater commitment to make sure everyone who can benefit from the chair knows that it is available.  So keep the letters coming, and keep using your chair and help others by showing the chair to those who need it.

   When wealth is lost, nothing is lost;
   When health is lost, something is lost;
   When character is lost, all is lost.
  -St. Augustine, 354-430 A.D.