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“Bounce Back” The Fitness Chair


“Bounce Back” The Fitness Chair is the most revolutionary piece of exercise equipment developed in this decade. The unique technology and benefits of the mini-trampoline have been incorporated into an easy to use chair that will have dramatically positive impact on everyone who uses it, but especially upon those individuals who have difficulty with other forms or exercise.  By stimulating the flow or lymphatic fluids through the body by as much as 10 times their normal rate,Bounce Back” The Fitness Chair can assist the body in removing toxins, strengthening the immune system, and building strong, healthy cells.  Blood circulation is also improved as well as muscular strength.  Bounce Back to better health and fitness withBounce Back” The Fitness ChairThe ZERO impact exercise can be performed by anyone, in the comfort of your own home!  And, you can do it while you watch TV, talk on the telephone or listen to music.  It is fun, easy, and not only do people stick with it, they don’t want to stop!  Once they try it, the only question most people have is, “where can I get one?”

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