“Bounce Back” The Fitness Chair


Return Policy


Allfit Enterprises, LLC has the most complete compressive exercise program developed this decade, however, if a person purchases “Bounce Back” The Fitness Chair from one of its independent representatives and is not satisfied with the purchase they may return the chair within 30 days form that of original purchase for a full refunds less the original ($50) shipping and handling charges and return freight charges.  If the chair is returned after the first 30 days the purchaser may return the chair and will received a refund less a 20% restocking and refurbishing fee less the original shipping, and handling and return freight charges.  If you have any questions please call Allfit Enterprises, LLC at (888) 272-2225.


We are convinced that if a person will use the chair no matter what the health reason, it will help in improving body health – NATURALLY!


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