“Bounce Back” The Fitness Chair




Congratulations on your interest in Bounce Back” The Fitness Chair.  To us we see you as caring individuals concerned about your own health with the desire to help many other people in becoming healthier and stronger, and to live a better quality of life no matter what their age or physical condition.  Bounce Back” The Fitness Chair offers freedom from pain, offers a significant level of activity without putting shock into the body, offers a road to total body fitness and health through toning, improved blood and lymph circulation, and cardio-vascular activity – all disguised as FUN! 


To serve you better Allfit Enterprises, LLC is located:


CORPORATE & SALES OFFICE - Responsible for production and shipping.



        Mailing address: 2189 West 390 North

                                Provo, UT  84601


Phone:              (888) 272-2225 or (801) 376-1043


         e-mail:             doug@allfit.com


Web page:         www.allfit.com







Manager:           Doug Eggett                              



We appreciate your comments and suggestions and are anxious to answer any questions you might have.  We wish you success and health.