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“Bounce Back” The Fitness Chair



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The following books cover some of the benefits of rebound exercise, lymph movement and cell cleansing.  We strongly recommend reading these books for those who want to know more about this tremendous health tool


“Golden Seven Plus One”                      “The Miracle of Rebound Exercise”                           “Why Didn’t Someone Tell Me Sooner?”

          -Dr. C. Samuel West                             -Al Carter                                                               -James J. Barile, D.C., N.D., Ph.D.

          $100 + $6 S&H Program                         $19 + $6 S&H                                                          $19 + $6 S&H


“The Cancer Answer”                           “Fit For Life II”/“Why Cancer”              “Dr. Chi’s Method of Fingernail & Tongue Diagnoises”

          -Al Carter                                          -Harvey Diamond                                                      -Tsu-Tsar Chi, N.M.D., Ph.D.

          $19 + $6 S&H                                       At many local bookstores                                          $60. + $6 S&H





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Exercise Demonstration.


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The most progressive exercise concept developed this decade!


These books can be ordered from Allfit Enterprises LLC or many local bookstores.



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