The most progressive exercise

concept developed this decade!


The fun of mini-trampoline in a

safe and comfortable chair,

especially for those individuals looking

for an exercise

choice that works!




Bounce Back” The Fitness Chair is helping people get back on the Road to Fitness in a way no other exercise machine has!  The unique technology and benefits of the mini-trampoline in an easy-to-use chair has a dramatically positive effect on everyone who uses it, especially for those individuals who have difficulty with other forms of exercise.  Bounce Back” The Fitness Chair offers a choice that works!  YOU MUST EXPERIENCE “BOUNCE BACK” THE FITNESS CHAIR FOR YOURSELF.


By stimulating the flow of lymphatic fluids through the body by as much as 10 times there normal rate, Bounce Back” The Fitness Chair can assist the body in removing toxins, strengthening the immune system, and building  strong, healthy cells.  Blood circulation and oxygenation also improve.


"BOUNCE BACK" to better health and fitness with “BOUNCE BACK” THE FITNESS CHAIR! This ZERO impact exercise can be performed by anyone, in the comfort of your own home!  And you can do it while you watch TV, talk on the telephone, or listen to music!


Four benefits of Bounce Back” The Fitness Chair:  (1) Reduces Stress, (2) Stimulates Blood & Improves Circulation; (3) Stimulates the Lymphatic System, (4) Builds Strength and Muscles.


Zero impact jogging provides aerobic conditioning and tones hips, thighs, and abs while saving your knees and ankles!



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  •  "I am recommending the use of “Bounce Back” The Fitness Chair for monitored progressive exercises for increased muscle tone, lymphatic flow and cardiovascular improvement."   Dr. G.S. Texas
  • "Bounce Back” The Fitness Char has been an answer to my prayers."  BC, Arizona.
  • "Congratulations on creating the finest exercise device available anywhere!" Dr. H. (Florida Chiropractor)
  • "...a vital part of my prescribed exercise regiment".  Dr. M. (CA Chiropractor)
  • "...my progress in using the chair is increased strength.  I go to the bathroom easier, and I'm not as cold!"  D.S. (paraplegic)
  • "I use to wear Sup-Hose because of my leg cramps and pain.  But after using Bounce Back” The Fitness Chair twice a day to the count of 100 the pain and cramps are gone!"  82 years old.
  • "I LOVE exercising now!"  G.A. Illinois
  • "The best thing available for a baby with colic!" J.T. (grandmother)
  • "Gave me my tummy back!"  J.L. (new mother)
  • "...“Bounce Back” The Fitness Chair has been very helpful for us.  We use it daily.  The result has been increased muscle tone and weight loss! R.P. & C.P., California
  • "I'm back on the road to health.  Thanks!" M.A.  California




·         This versatile fitness apparatus offers a wide range of options for treatment, therapy, and fitness prescriptions.  Full body involvement coupled with 70 to 90 repetitions per minute helps produce surprising results with a variety of different exercises.


·         Typically, people report that Bounce Back” The Fitness Chair stimulates circulation, exercises muscles and joints with no impact, and also allows them to completely control the intensity of the workout.


·         It is the exercise that makes the difference; it is “Bounce Back” The Fitness Chair that facilitates the exercise

        Listed below are some of the more common uses, benefits and results of Bounce Back” The Fitness Chair.




·         General Fitness:  Increases muscle mass and tone; elevates heart rate gradually and steadily, enhancing cardiovascular fitness; promotes deep breathing.

·         Weight Loss:  Non-Impact Aerobics (est. 400 to 600 Cal/hr); increases metabolism, people finally enjoy exercise!

·         Diabetes:  Increases circulation to extremities; fun weight control exercises.

·         Seniors:  Increases circulation and muscle tonality; safely strengthens bone by increasing calcium absorption; easy on hip, knee, and ankle joints, with virtually no impact.

·         MS, Fibromyalgia:  Secure and safe exercise modality; stronger muscles can be used to exercise weaker ones.

·         Arthritis:  Increases range of motion; improves circulation, which is key to reducing pain.

·         Chronic Fatigue/Syndrome: Self-regulating exercise intensity; subtle whole body activity.

·         Parkinson's, Stroke:  Secure and safe exercise modality; easy to balance, unaffected by tremors, effective even with activation of only one side of the body.

·         Physical Therapy, Limb Injury, and Disease: Focus exercises achieve many repetitions in a short time; only requires a single limb for activation that benefits all limbs.

·         Cardiovascular Health:  Achieves 65% of maximum heart rate within a few minutes in a controlled, zero impact activity.

·         Blind or Partially Sighted:  Secure and safe exercise modality; allows working of every muscle group without changing any settings.




  The two foremost advantages of using Bounce Back” The Fitness Chair are compliance and versatility.  People report that using the chair is FUN!  Many also comment that the high-rep/moderate intensity activities are easier to do and with less or no pain!


·         Motivation:  Bounce Back” The Fitness chair is fun to use, typically with greatly reduced discomfort or pain.  All of us are more likely to get all the exercise we need if it is enjoyable.  Quiet operation is conducive to TV viewing.

·         Increased Circulation:  All of the large muscle groups are involved, thus stimulating blood flow throughout the entire body.

·         Enhanced Lymphatic Drainage:       Exercise combined with rebounding activity produces better circulation of lymph fluid.

·         Single Device, Single Setting:  No motors, weights to change, positions to adjust, or elastic bands to move.

·         Bounce Back” The Fitness Chair can replace several other exercise machines!

·         No Impact on Knee or Ankle Joints:  Weight bearing is taken off the legs.  Overworked, stiff, or injured joints are free to move without strain.

·         Adaptable:  Can be adapted to almost any body condition.  Talk to your health support professional.


Call us for free consultation on special challenges.  We are continually learning!




Springs. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Steel Alloy, Custom Design                       Spring Weight Capacity:

Frame . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . .Thick Wall, Tubular Steel                                        (Regular Springs)                    100-250 lbs.                           

Finish . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Scratch Resistant Powder Coat                                       (Heavy Springs)*                    200-350 lbs.

Seat . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Double Sewn, Nylon Reinforced                                       (Extra Heavy Springs)*          300-450 lbs.

Warranty . . . . . …………. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  1 year                       Frame Size………………………. 28w x 38d x 54h

Shipping weight …………………………………48 lbs.                      Frame Color ……………………………… Charcoal

Purchase Price…………See Rep. or Call 888-272-2225                      


   Heavy Weight Springs (additional)………........$50.

                   ExtraHeavy Springs (additional)……………**$75.      * Heavy & Extra Heavy Springs recommend hard seat w/adjustable back.

                   Hard Seat with Adjustable Back (add’l)…….**$25.`  ** Additional price valid at time of original chair purchase in lieu of regular springs.

                   Chest Belt Option (additional)……………...**$10.         


Please Note:  Allfit Enterprises, LLC and its independent distributors make no medical claims, express or implied.  Suitable application of Bounce Back” The Fitness Chair is solely the responsibility of the individual user.  Please consult your health care professional before beginning any exercise program.



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