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Allfit Enterprises, LLC is a company that strives to provide quality products that enhance good health, make you aware of the warning signs of aging and provide exercise equipment that is easy to use by the rest of us. This is accomplished by a three-fold program of Exercise, Nutrition and Attitude.

For 20 years the principals of the effect on the body of bouncing on a mini-trampoline have been studied by Allfit Enterprises, LLC.  In 1996 Allison Fitness Enterprise introduced a new piece of exercise equipment and in the year 2000 Allfit Enterprises, LLC took on the responsibility of sharing these principals. “Bounce Back” The Fitness Chair™ removes the impact on bones and joints while allowing an individual to obtain aerobic and lymphatic exercise.  Clinical studies have shown that “Bounce Back” The Fitness Chair™ will activate lymphatic flow, tone and build muscle, improve cardiovascular circulation, burn calories and relieve stress, yet still is fun and relaxing.

We encourage you to visit our other products and educational lines that will provide you with an easy way to look and feel better.

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